All of Your Insights in One Dashboard. Real-Time, and On-the-Go.

No more trying to look at insights from multiple different places, e.g. Facebook dashboard, Instagram dashboard, Google Analytics dashboard, CRM dashboards, etc.. and trying to make sense out of it.

  • Centralize all of the most critical numbers for your practice in one convenient location, with powerful capabilities to boot.
  • Stop looking in multiple different places for access to all of your most important information.
  • Start putting it all together to connect the dots, and help your practice grow.

Team Orchestration Made Easy With One Source of Truth

  • Keep your teams aligned and focused on the metrics that matter most.
  • Track data trends in real-time
  • Set goals and policies in light of actionable data insights.

Drive Action and Maximize Efficiency With Smart Notifications

Integrated workflows spot inefficiencies and call the team for action

  • Get alerts when new big events trigger, like a new client
  • Set thresholds to know when key metrics have reached their high or low mark
  • Set smart notifications that activate at key stages of your customer journey, promoting the biggest factors for growth and success

Multiply Case Value With Unique AI Models

See unique insights from Case Value EstimatorTM technology on your current inventory.

  • Seek to maximize the value of each and every case by deriving key insights from your analytics
  • Use Truve’s Case Value Estimator™ to automatically highlight which cases offer the greatest returns …and which are prime candidates for referrals
  • Project trends to set goals, benchmarks, and action items in order to focus on your areas of greatest earnings potential

Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it

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