Digital Media Is King

Over 230 million Americans use social media (Pew Research), and up to 27% of users say they check their preferred platform daily. Just 13% of legal clients say that they heard about their firm through TV (Lawyer Monthly), so why did law firms spend nearly $1 billion on airing TV ads in 2021 (ATRA)? The answer is that they may not know how to measure the returns on their digital marketing spending, let alone how to optimize their strategy.

Truve’s bleeding-edge AI engine sifts through your own social media data (or your competitors’) in order to draw out the most important patterns. Learn what efforts earn engagement, and how to best convert online impressions to leads.
Stop guessing about what works and start knowing with confidence! Leverage the power of data to connect the dots between organic/paid social and actual revenues for your firm.

Become a Maestro of Audience Engagement

Learn how to craft a compelling customer journey that actually converts.
Driving your audiences to interact and become client leads is a truly challenging puzzle! The solution comes from data. Use your own historical data as well as that of your competitors to understand how, why, and when audiences choose to engage.

Get More Competitive to Acquire More Clients

See patterns to understand the most effective actions, while bringing all of your conversations into one place.
A majority of your local market is going to be online, so how do you reach them? Truve’s Social Media Analyzer will show you. Develop a winning strategy, and start aggressively pursuing opportunities you may have been missing.

Keep Your Thumb on the Pulse of Your Competition

Analyze all your social content, tags, images alongside your competitor’s to quickly see what works — and what does not.
Track conversations and engagement with other firms in your market as well as firms that share similar traits to yours throughout the U.S. See the metrics that matter the most. Identify patterns and strategies that maximize effectiveness.

Hold to Your Goals With Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Quickly see how your lead generation performance changes with TruveOne end-to-end analytics dashboard.
All social media data is fed into your firm’s dashboard, giving you instant insights on how social leads contribute to your bottom line. Stay focused on the actions that move the needle. Keep on-track towards your target goals to feed your pipeline and ultimately drive bigger revenues!

Keep in Touch, and Stay in Conversation With Your Community

Never miss out on opportunities to earn high engagement! Alerts notify you when now is the time to post or respond.
The most frustrating aspect of social media is that it can eat up lots of your time. With Truve’s Social Media Analyzer, you can know the exact moments and messages needed to hold onto your audience’s attention. Optimize your social media marketing strategy to be more efficient and focus on the moments that matter.

Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it

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