Leverage Data From Your Past to Plan for Your Future

Plan your growth for the next 5 years by department, team, and individuals. Set benchmarks and goals, and monitor for on-track progress towards the performance you’ve always dreamed of.

Build a Stronger Case Mix to Remain Resilient

Truve’s AI engine learns your growth patterns, helping you understand how to best weather times of seasonal fluctuations or emerging market conditions. Plan for risk as well as opportunity, and chart a flight path to the stars.

Benchmark Performance to Stay on Track

See how your actual vs planned growth looks on dashboards to see your current trajectory. Compare your current performance to the goals you set, and make all the relevant data visible to the team to inspire everyone to stay aligned.

Update Your Growth Plan On-the-Fly

Things change! Update your targets based on emerging data trends or shifts in your strategy — all while on the go! Project new scenarios to weigh all of your options, and choose the future that offers the most promise for you and your practice.

Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it

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