Multiple Brilliant AIs Align to Help You Grow

Truve’s unique AI models each have their own speciality, but it’s when they combine that you truly begin to see your revenue engine with clarity.
Combine multiple AI functionalities to get you the most out of your case portfolio each and every day!

Case Value Estimator

Instantly reveal the projected value of each case in your portfolio, including your potential leads, using your own historical data.
Harness the power of data-driven decision-making to determine at-a-glance whether a case fits within your firm’s revenue-generation model …and when to refer it elsewhere.

Case Value Clustering

What is the secret to your firm’s success? Truve Case Value Clustering reveals the clear picture, surfacing the factors that make certain cases particularly rewarding.
Optimize your marketing mix based on the cases that generate the most value for your firm. Start casting a narrower net to lean into the case types where you tend to outperform!

Smart AI Notifications & Workflows

You’ve got the knowledge, now put it to use! Smart AI notifications ensure that you are on-track towards your goals, keeping teams informed and aligned on where to put their focus.
Spot patterns and inefficiencies**, and instantly trigger suggestions to guide team members towards the best next actions.

Remain Nimble in the Face of a Changing Industry

Truve’s AI Engine constantly analyzes your cases and looks for opportunities based on patterns in all your past cases as well as emerging trends in the most recent ones.
Reduce risk, and be ready to pivot as new advantages present themselves. Be ready to weather changes in the legal landscape to get ahead of the curve!

Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it

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