Spotlight the Case Factors That Matter

Truve’s unique AI engine analyzes 100+ data points from all of your historical to understand the factors that impact case value

Know the value of your inventory to the dollar

Do you know how much revenue you’d make if you closed every case today? With Truve’s Case Value Estimator™, you can.

Optimize Your Case Mix

Instantly surface your highest value cases. Spot high-value cases early on. Know what cases to focus on and where to invest the most in acquisition.

Always Be Looking for New Opportunities

Truve’s AI is constantly searching for opportunities, giving you new and up-to-date insights on how to evolve your practice to become more efficient and more profitable.

Your Intelligent Case Advisor

Use Truve to analyze your current case mix and tailor strategies for future cases. The Case Value Estimator™ is always sifting through historical data to recommend your best next course of action.

Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it

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