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It's Like Mission Control for Your
Law Firm's Performance

Get all the critical data, right at your fingertips. Visualize your main growth factors, and target the performance areas that lead to the most profit.

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Case Value Estimator™

Want to know what a lead could be worth? Now you can. Leverage advanced machine learning to decide what cases to refer out - and what cases could mean big money.

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Growth Planner

Put yourself in control of your firm's destiny. Set goals to reach performance targets, and track progress to keep everything (and everyone) aligned.

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Case Value Maximizer

Within individual cases lies the secret sauce to growth. Find out what factors matter, and use predictive analytics to point the way towards earning as much as you possibly can, case-by-case. This workflow technology deeply connected with our Case Value EstimatorTM AI technology.

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Social Media Analyzer

Media is shifting from Traditional to Social. Are you on your market's radar? Do you know who is? The Social media analyzer automatically scrapes data from all your profiles, as well as your competitors'. See who's looking, who's engaging, and what you need to do to become a part of the conversation.

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Demand Letter Generator (beta)

We are proud to announce the first AI-powered Demand Letter technology ( by Truve) in the market. Combining the power of the Case Value EstimatorTM and Truve's unique document reading capabilities, we are able to generate demand letters in minutes.

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Truve Is Truly Revolutionary

No Need to Type in Data

Truve captures all of it automatically from your CRM, CMS, accounting system, call tracking, social media, and more.

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Insights at the Ready

Your data instantly generates visualizations and reports to keep you informed and to ignite growth.

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Brilliance on Tap

Have specific questions about your practice? Want to see how a new strategy might pan out? With custom queries and reports and the ability to perform projections, you're the master of your practice's inside knowledge.


Your Data Stays Safe and Sound

Completely hosted & built on AWS technologies, encryption, MFA, and other gold standard security measures prevent breaches and keep all of you and your clients' most sensitive information in good hands.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

Select the features suited to your business needs and your firm's size. Pay month-to-month, or save with yearly licensing deals.

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Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it

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